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ASME SA403 SS 446 Long Stub, SS WP446 Pipe Elbow, SS 1.5d Pipe Bend, SS 446 Pipe Reducer Supplier, SS WERKSTOFF NR.1.4449 Cross Exporter in India.

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Detailed Information

ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves are made and supplied by Prashaant Steel & Alloys, a world-renowned producer and retailer. ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves are commonly recognised as pieces made of stainless steel of maritime quality. Prashaant Steel & Alloys is a common choice for selecting the best quality ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves because of our company’s excellent reliability and stability. Prashaant Steel & Alloys produces ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves with cutting-edge equipment and machinery to ensure that the ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves are fully dimensionally correct. Prashaant Steel & Alloys has a wide range of ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves for our customers to choose from. Our customers can choose the most acceptable ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves from a range of sizes and thicknesses, as well as other ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves sizes. Our comprehensive inventory helps us to satisfy our customers’ demands for quantity and quality in ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves. We sell a range of types, including parker compression fittings, ferrule Valves, double ferrule fittings, union tee, union cross, union Valves, female manometer, union reducing, female bulkhead connector, reducer, and more.

Prashaant Steel & Alloys is a well-known maker, exporter, and retailer of ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves of superior quality. These ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves are made from high-quality alloys. As a result of its austenitic construction, ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves have excellent strength, welding capability, corrosion resistance, and machinability. To meet customer demand, we provide it with various requirements such as height, outer diameter, wall thickness, lengths, and so on. Our brand verifies commodity consistency requirements such as ASME, EN, JIS, and ASTM, among others.

Nickel, chromium, and titanium are used to produce the ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves. The ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves have a higher chromium and nickel content, making them more corrosion and oxidation resistant. The volume of titanium in the Valves of ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446, which is at least five times the carbon content, can be used to calculate the proportion of carbon product. After heating inside the 425-850 ° C carbide precipitation range, the ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves are not prone to intergranular corrosion. As compared to SS 304 Grade Valves, Stainless Steel 446 Valves from ASME SA403 have stronger creep and tension rupture properties. The ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves can be used for certain purified organic acids at higher temperatures, pure phosphoric acid at lower temperatures, and up to 10% distilled solutions at elevated temperatures. ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves are austenitic nickel-chromium-based SS Valves. It has a high degree of corrosion resistance. Because of the high molybdenum material, pitting resistance is increased. It’s the high-corrosion-resistant Valves of Series 300. At high temperatures, it also has outstanding creep and tensile strength characteristics.

These ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves are used in applications like specialty chemicals, oil & gas industries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, heat exchangers, condensers, power generation, fertilizers, water treatment plants, marine applications, pulp & paper industry, sugar mills, chemical plants, food industry, and so on. The ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves are widely found in applications such as coastal architectural paneling, railings, and trim. ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves are also used to produce boat fittings. Laboratory benches and machine production are two other uses for ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves.

In order to ensure the quality standards of ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves, we at Prashaant Steel & Alloys provide documentation such as fumigation certificates, raw materials certificates, material traceability records, etc. All orders are delivered with regard to the customers’ needs. We at Prashaant Steel & Alloys conduct intense quality checks in order to ensure only high-quality outputs. Some of the tests we conduct on ASTM A403 SS 446 Valves are hardness checking, flattening test, mechanical testing such as area tensile, etc.

Standard Specification for Stainless Steel ASTM A403 446 Valves:

Specifications: ASTM A403 & ASME SA403

Standard: ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799

Size: 1/8” NB to 4” NB (Socket weld & Screwed-Threaded)

Class: 2000 LBS, 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS

Type: Socket weld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings

Chemical Composition of ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves:

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni N
446 min. 23.0 0.10
max. 0.2 1.5 0.75 0.040 0.030 30.0 0.50 0.25

Mechanical Properties Of ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves:

Grade Tensile Strength (MPa) min Yield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) min Elongation (% in 50mm) min Hardness
Rockwell B (HR B) max Brinell (HB) max
446 485 275 20 92 201

ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves Equivalent Grades:

Grade UNS No Old British Euronorm Swedish SS Japanese JIS
BS En No Name
446 S44600 1.4762 / 1.4763

Types of ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 446 Valves 

  • SS 446 Seamless Tubes
  • 446 SS Seamless Tube
  • 446 Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes
  • UNS S44600 Seamless Tube
  • WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Seamless Tubes
  • ASME SA268 TP 446 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube
  • SS 446 Square Tubes
  • 446 SS Square Tube
  • 446 Stainless Steel Square Tubes
  • UNS S44600 Square Tube
  • WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Square Tubes
  • ASME SA268 TP 446 Stainless Steel Square Tube
  • SS 446 Decorative Tube
  • 446 SS Decorative Tubes
  • 446 Stainless Steel Decorative Tube
  • SS UNS S44600 Decorative Tubes
  • SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Decorative Tube
  • ASTM A268 TP 446 Stainless Steel Decorative Tubes
  • SS 446 Polish Tubes
  • 446 SS Polish Tube
  • 446 Stainless Steel Polish Tubes
  • SS UNS S44600 Polish Tube
  • SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Polish Tubes
  • ASTM A268 TP 446 Stainless Steel Polish Tube
  • SS 446 Heat exxchager Tubes
  • 446 SS Heat exxchager Tube
  • 446 Stainless Steel Heat exxchager Tubes
  • SS UNS S44600 Heat exxchager Tube
  • SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Heat exxchager Tubes
  • ASTM A249 TP 446 Stainless Steel Heat exxchager Tubes
  • SS 446 Round Tube
  • 446 SS Round Tubes
  • 446 Stainless Steel Round Tube
  • UNS S44600 Round Tubes
  • SS UNS S44600 Round Tube
  • ASTM A269 TP 446 Stainless Steel Round Tubes
  • SS 446 Rectangular Tubes
  • 446 SS Rectangular Tube
  • 446 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubes
  • SS UNS S44600 Rectangular Tube
  • SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Rectangular Tubes
  • ASTM A269 TP 446 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube
  • SS 446 Sanitary Tube
  • 446 SS Sanitary Tubes
  • 446 Stainless Steel Sanitary Tube
  • SS UNS S44600 Sanitary Tubes
  • SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Sanitary Tube
  • ASTM A249 TP 446 Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes
  • SS 446 Instrumentation Tube
  • 446 SS Instrumentation Tubes
  • 446 Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tube
  • SS UNS S44600 Instrumentation Tubes
  • SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Instrumentation Tube
  • ASTM A268 TP 446 Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tubes
  • SS 446 Bright Annealing Tubes
  • 446 SS Bright Annealing Tube
  • 446 Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Tubes
  • SS UNS S44600 Bright Annealing Tube
  • SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4762 Bright Annealing Tube
  • ASTM A268 TP 446 Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Tube


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