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Inconel 600 Fasteners

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Detailed Information

Prashaant Steel & Alloys is a well-known Inconel 600 Fasteners maker and retailer. We manufacture ASTM B166 Inconel 600 Fasteners with the best quality raw materials from our vast inventory. Prashaant Steel & Alloys produces UNS N06600 Inconel Fasteners of excellent quality and has carved out a niche for itself in the industry. Our Inconel 600 Fasteners are highly common and are used in a number of industries due to their high strength and reliability. Prashaant Steel & Alloys has a well-equipped production facility that can fill huge orders of ASTM B166 Inconel 600 Fasteners in a range of sizes and diameters. We manufacture UNS N06600 Inconel Fasteners and export them to all of the world’s big cities. We store our goods in suitable wooden boxes and ship them with all appropriate paperwork to prevent product degradation during shipping.

Prashaant Steel & Alloys is a well-known Inconel 600 Fasteners maker and retailer. For the manufacture of Inconel UNS N06600 Fasteners, we at Prashaant Steel & Alloys use the finest quality raw materials. We manufacture Inconel 600 Fasteners with high corrosion and oxidation resistance. Prashaant Steel & Alloys has all of the latest equipment and cutting-edge technologies required to produce and supply Inconel UNS N06600 Fasteners for use in a range of industries. Inconel 600 Fasteners are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. We also welcome custom orders from customers and manufacture these Inconel UNS N06600 Fasteners to their requirements.

Inconel 600 Bolts Nuts are made up of material with carbon, manganese, silicon, 6% iron, sulfur, 14% chromium, copper and 72% nickel in the composition. So it is essentially a nickel-chromium alloy. Micro Metal is a leading Inconel Fasteners manufacturer and we produce the fasteners in different types, shapes, and sizes. The material has higher mechanical properties with 340MPa minimum yield strength and 655MPa minimum tensile strength.

The Inconel 600 Bolts and Nuts belong to ASTM B166 specification. There are different standards covering the different dimensions of the fasteners. The length of the Nickel Alloy 600 Screws range from 3mm to 200mm. Screws are used in applications where the use of bolts and nuts are not possible. There are different types of screws as well. There are UNS N06600 Stud Bolt types which range in thickness from 3/6 inches to 2 inches or M3 through M56.

The fasteners could be prone to stress corrosion cracking in concentrated and hot caustic alkalis. But the Inconel 600 Hex Bolt can withstand steam, air, carbon dioxide, and the mixtures of these ingredients. The material is resistant against saltwater, exhaust gases and organic acids. The fasteners such as the Inconel 600 Threaded Rod can be hardened by cold working and these are used in some of the high-performance applications.

We at Prashaant Steel & Alloys aim in providing only high-quality the Inconel 600 Fasteners. Hence all our products undergo certain quality tests. Some of the tests that we conduct are Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing, Chemical Analysis – Spectra Analysis, Pitting Resistance Test, Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test, Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile of Area, Hardness Test, Micro, and Macro Test, etc.

We also provide certain documents with our Inconel UNS N06600 Fasteners. Some of the documents that we provide are Raw Materials Certificate, 100% Radiography Test Report, Third Party Inspection Report, Certificate of Origin legalized/attested by Chamber of Commerce or Embassy, Material Traceability Records, and Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175.

Applications of ASTM B166 Inconel 600 Fasteners

For high-temperature applications, the ASME SB166 Inconel 600 Fasteners are suitable. They are used in environments where vital longevity, reliability, and power are needed. The resilience of these Fasteners is improved by different processes such as solid-solution hardening and precipitation hardening methods. ASTM B166 Inconel 600 Fasteners are used in industries such as gas turbine component fixtures, heat treatment furnace components, chemical process machinery, and so on. They’re also used to produce fixtures for heat exchangers, heaters, and a number of chemical-processing piping systems.

These Inconel 600 Fasteners are mainly used in other fields, including chemical and heat treatment. Few Inconel 600 Fasteners products are also used in the nuclear power industry. Inconel 600 Fasteners also manufactures gas turbine parts and food processing products.

Inconel 600 Fasteners Specifications:

Material Specification ASTM B 166 ASME SB 166, UNS 6600 Bolts
Inconel 600 Bolts, Studs Threads: METRIC, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF or as required
Alloy 600 Fasteners Standard: ANSI – American National Standards Institute  

  • ANSI B 18.2.4 2M
  • ANSI B 28.2.4 1M
  • Alloy C276 Stud Bolt length are defined in ASME B16.5 standard
  • Alloy C276 Hex nuts are defined in ASME B18.2.2
  • ASME B18.5

DIN: DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 934, DIN 970

UTS – Unified Thread Standard : UNC, UNF, UNEF, UNS, NPT, NPTF

ISO – International Organization for Standardization : ISO 4032, ISO 4033, JIS standards

Source of raw materials Tata Steel, JSPL, RINL, Usha Martin, Dhamm Steel, Mukund Steel etc.
Scope Of Manufacture
  • Hot Forged , Nut / Bolt; up to M36 / 1-1/2” Dia, up to 1100mm lg
  • CNC Machined , Nut / Bolt; up to M100 / 4” Dia, up to 1500mm lg

Inconel 600 Fasteners Chemical Composition

Content (%)
Nickel, Ni
72.0 min
Silicon, Si
.50 max
Carbon, C
.15 max
Sulphur, S
.015 max
Copper, Cu
.50 max
Iron, Fe
Manganese, Mn
1.00 max

Mechanical Analysis of Inconel 600 Fasteners

Density 8.47 g/cm3
Melting Point 1413 °C (2580 °F)
Tensile Strength Psi – 95,000 , MPa – 655
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 45,000 , MPa – 310
Elongation 40 %

Equivalent Grades of Inconel 600 Fasteners:

Alloy Common Name Related Specification
British European ASTM UNS
Alloy 600 Inconel 600® BS 3076 NA 14 2.4816 B166 N06600

Price Of Inconel 600 Bolts and Nuts:

Inconel Alloy 600 Fasteners Price List
Price Per Pcs.
Inconel Alloy 600 Hex Bolt price
USD $6.00
Inconel Alloy 600 Screws price
USD $3.50
Inconel 600 Machine bolt price
USD $5.30
Inconel 600 Socket Head Cap Screw price
USD $3.25
Inconel Alloy UNS N06600 Nuts price
USD $1.35
Inconel Alloy 600 Allen bolt price
USD $5.15


Types of Inconel 600 Fasteners

Inconel 600 Heavy Studs Inconel 600 Industrial Fasteners
Inconel 600 Nuts Inconel 600 Bolts
625 Inconel Decking Screws 600 Inconel Weld Studs
Inconel 600 Dog Point Inconel 600 Cone Point
DIN 2.4816, 2.4851 Inconel Hex Nuts DIN 2.4856, 2.4668 Inconel Washers
600 Inconel Machine Nuts & Bolts 600 Inconel Timber Bolts
ASTM B161 Inconel 600 Fasteners Inconel 625 Dock Washers
Inconel 601 J-Bolts Dealer Inconel 600 High Nuts
Inconel 625 Finishing Washers Inconel 718 Self-Drilling Screws
Inconel 601 Fasteners Inconel 600 Machine Screws
UNS N06600, N06601 Inconel Dome Nuts UNS N06625, N07718 Inconel Fasteners
Inconel 625 Tower Bolts Inconel 625 T-Nut
Inconel 600 Grub Screw Inconel Cup Point

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