PN Standard Fasteners

Various possible Polish PN standard fastener hardware are mentioned below:

PN 61241: Slotted pan head screws with shoulder
PN 61260: Grub screws with thrust point
PN 61271: Bolts and screws for T-slots
PN 61272: Hexagon nuts height 1.5 xD
PN 61275: Nuts for T-slots
PN 82001: Split pins
PN 82004: Medium type washers for pins
PN 82005: Plain washers
PN 82006: Plain washers, Form B
PN 82007: Washers for cheese head screws
PN 82008: Spring lock washer for cylinder head screws
PN 82009: Square taper washers for I-sections
PN 82010: Square Washers for wood constructions
PN 82011: External tab
PN 82016: Retaining plate with internal nose
PN 82018: Square taper washers for U-sections
PN 82021: Slices with a cloth (lock washers)
PN 82022: Tab Washers With Long And Short Tab
PN 82026: Spherical washers
PN 82030: Plain washer, outer diameter about 3 d
PN 82039: Slices, round, for HV connections
PN 82101: Hexagon head bolts with shank
PN 82105: Hexagonal screws, production class C
PN 82125: Studs with engagement length 1 x d
PN 82131: Studs, with engagement length 1,25 x d
PN 82137: Double End Studs
PN 82144: Hexagon Nuts, production class C
PN 82148: Hexagon slotted castle nuts
PN 82151: Square Nuts
PN 82153: Hex nuts, low type
PN 82159: Castle nuts, low form
PN 82169: Square Weld Nuts
PN 82171: Hexagon nuts with large widths across flats for high-voltage connections
PN 82176: Hexagon nuts with clamping part, all metal nut
PN 82181: Hexagon domed cap nuts
PN 82182: Hexagon Cup Nuts – Low Pattern
PN 82202: Cross recessed raised cheese head screws
PN 82207: Slotted countersunk head screws
PN 82208: Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws
PN 82211: Slotted raised countersunk oval head screws
PN 82212: Cross recessed raised countersunk head screws
PN 82215: Slotted cheese head screws
PN 82219: Slotted pan head screws
PN 82267: Hexagonal turnbuckle
PN 82268: Turnbuckles
PN 82271: Slotted headless screws with flat point
PN 82272: Slotted set screws
PN 82273: Slotted set screws with cone point
PN 82274: Slotted set screws with cup point
PN 82276: Slotted set screws and pins
PN 82280: Slotted pan head screws with large head
PN 82281: Slotted Pan Head Screws, Small Head
PN 82301: Square Head Bolts with collar
PN 82302: Hexagon socket Head Cap Screws
PN 82307: Square head bolts with short dog point
PN 82308: Square head bolts with collar and tip approach
PN 82314: Hexagon socket set screws with flat point
PN 82315: Hexagon socket set screws with cone point
PN 82316: Hexagon socket set screws with full dog point
PN 82317: Hexagon socket set screws with cup point
PN 82341: Hexagon fit bolts with short threaded portion
PN 82342: Hexagon fits bolts with long thread
PN 82343: High-strength injection structural bolts
PN 82402: Flat countersunk square neck bolts with hexagon nut
PN 82406: Mushroom head square neck bolts
PN 82408: Flat countersunk nib bolts with hexagon nut
PN 82410: Half coach Bolts
PN 82416: Welding studs
PN 82418: T-Head bolts with square neck Head
PN 82424: T-head bolts
PN 82425: Eyebolts
PN 82451: 
PN 82456: Knurled thumb screws, high type
PN 82457: Flat Knurled Thumb Screws
PN 82461: Knurled nuts, high type
PN 82462: Knurled nuts, low type
PN 82463: Slotted Round Nut
PN 82464: Two-hole nuts
PN 82466: Round Nut with Set Pin Holes Inside
PN 82471: Slotted round nuts for hook spanners
PN 82472: Lifting Eye Bolts (Collar eyebolts for lifting purposes)
PN 82501: Hex wood screws
PN 82503: Slotted Flat Head Wood Screws
PN 82504: Slotted oval head wood screws
PN 82505: Slotted Round Head Wood Screws
PN 82952: Round Head Rivets
PN 82954: Countersunk Head Rivets
PN 82956: Head rivets (rivets sheet)
PN 82958: Flat round head rivets
PN 82972: Tubular rivets
PN 82976: Rivets for brake linings and clutch linings
PN 82981: Round Head Grooved Pins
PN 82982: Countersunk Head Grooved Pins
PN 83001: Clevis pins without head
PN 83002: Clevis pins with head
PN 83007: Clevis pins with head and stud end
PN 83101: Hexagon head self tapping screws
PN 83102: Slotted countersunk head tapping screws
PN 83104: Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screws
PN 83106: Tapping screws, slotted pan head
PN 85018: Parallel Pins with Internal Thread
PN 85019: Taper pins with internal thread
PN 85020: Taper Pins
PN 85021: Dowel Pins
PN 85022: Taper pins with external thread
PN 85023: Spring-Type Straight Pins (Roll Pins) – Heavy Type
PN 85025: Grooved Pins, Full Length Taper-grooved
PN 85026: Grooved pins full length parallel
PN 85027: Grooved Pins, Third Length Centre-grooved
PN 85029: Spiral-span pins, rule execution
PN 85061: Special foundation bolts
PN 85102: Collars heavy series
PN 85111: Retaining rings for shafts
PN 85112: Retaining washers for shafts

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