CSN Standard Fasteners

Various possible Czech CSN standard fastener hardware are mentioned below:

CSN 21101: Hexagon head bolts with shank
CSN 21103: Hexagon head bolts with thread up to head
CSN 21111: Hexagon fits bolts with long thread
CSN 21112: Hexagon fit bolts with short threaded portion
CSN 21113: Pass-shoulder screws with hexagon socket
CSN 21115: Hexagon head screws with small hexagon and dog point – steel
CSN 21121: Square head bolts with short dog point
CSN 21122: Square Head Bolts with collar
CSN 21128: Slotted capstan screws
CSN 21130: Slotted Pan Head Screws, Small Head
CSN 21131: Slotted cheese head screws
CSN 21137: Slotted pan head screws
CSN 21143: Hexagon socket Head Cap Screws
CSN 21147: Cross recessed raised cheese head screws
CSN 21151: Slotted countersunk head screws
CSN 21152: Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws
CSN 21155: Slotted raised countersunk oval head screws
CSN 21156: Cross recessed raised countersunk head screws
CSN 21161: Knurled thumb screws, high type
CSN 21162: Flat Knurled Thumb Screws
CSN 21174: Studs with engagement length 1 x d
CSN 21176: Studs, with engagement length 1,25 x d
CSN 21178: Double End Studs
CSN 21181: Slotted set screws
CSN 21182: Slotted set screws with cup point
CSN 21183: Slotted set screws and pins
CSN 21185: Slotted set screws with cone point
CSN 21187: Hexagon socket set screws with flat point
CSN 21189: Hexagon socket set screws with full dog point
CSN 21191: Hexagon socket set screws with cone point
CSN 21201: Hexagon bolts with small widths across flats
CSN 21207: Hexagon bolts with small widths across flats full thread
CSN 21223: Thread forming screws for metric ISO threads
CSN 21226: Hex tapping screws B = with cylinder head and slot
CSN 21228: Hex tapping screws countersunk head with slot F
CSN 21229: Hex tapping screws G = with Raised and slot
CSN 21231: Hexagon head self tapping screws
CSN 21232: Tapping screws, slotted pan head
CSN 21235: Pan head tapping screws with cross recess H and Z, Form C
CSN 21236: Slotted countersunk head tapping screws
CSN 21237: Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screws, Form C
CSN 21238: Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screws
CSN 21239: Countersunk (Flat) Head Tapping Screws with Cross Recess, Form C
CSN 21301: Hexagon head bolts with nut, production class C
CSN 21303: Hexagonal screws, production class C
CSN 21308: Hexagon head bolts for steel structures
CSN 21319: Mushroom head square neck bolts
CSN 21324: Flat countersunk nib bolts with hexagon nut
CSN 21326: Flat countersunk square neck bolts (with short square neck)
CSN 21327: Flat countersunk square neck bolts with hexagon nut
CSN 21329: Plate screws
CSN 21343: T-Head bolts with square neck Head
CSN 21365: Wing screws with rectangular wings
CSN 21369: Lifting Eye Bolts (Collar eyebolts for lifting purposes)
CSN 21391: Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
CSN 21399: Welding studs
CSN 21401: Hexagon Nuts
CSN 21403: Hexagon thin nuts chamfered
CSN 21411: Hexagon slotted castle nuts
CSN 21412: Castle nuts, low form
CSN 21431: Hexagon Cup Nuts – Low Pattern
CSN 21441: Round Nut with Set Pin Holes Inside
CSN 21444: Slotted Round Nut
CSN 21449: Slotted round nuts for hook spanners
CSN 21455: Hexagon weld nuts
CSN 21461: Knurled nuts, high type
CSN 21462: Knurled nuts, low type
CSN 21492: Hexagon nuts with clamping part, all metal nut
CSN 21529: Nuts for T-slots
CSN 21601: Hexagon Nuts, production class C
CSN 21604: Hexagon Nuts – 3D
CSN 21624: Square Nuts
CSN 21665: Wing nuts with rectangular wings
CSN 21669: Lifting Eye Nuts
CSN 21702: Plain washers, Form B
CSN 21703: Washers for cheese head screws
CSN 21706: Medium type washers for pins
CSN 21708: Washers for bolts with heavy clamping sleeves
CSN 21721: Plain washers
CSN 21724: Square Washers for wood constructions
CSN 21726: Plain washer, outer diameter about 3 d
CSN 21727: Washers for use in timber constructions
CSN 21728: Washers with square holes for use in timber constructions
CSN 21731: Split Spring Washers, Curved, Form A
CSN 21733: Spring washers curved, Form A
CSN 21739: Square taper washers for U-sections
CSN 21740: Spring lock washer for cylinder head screws
CSN 21741: Spring lock washers, Form A
CSN 21744: Toothed lock washers, external form A
CSN 21745: Serrated lock washers, Forma I – external
CSN 21746: Serrated lock washers, Form J – internal
CSN 21751: Slices with a cloth (lock washers)
CSN 21753: External tab
CSN 21781: Split pins
CSN 21810: Hex wood screws
CSN 21812: Slotted Round Head Wood Screws
CSN 21814: Slotted Flat Head Wood Screws
CSN 21815: Slotted oval head wood screws
CSN 21822: Cross recessed pan head wood screws
CSN 21824: Cross recessed countersunk (flat) head
CSN 21826: Cross recessed countersunk (oval) head
CSN 21913: Locking screws with hexagon socket, taper thread
CSN 21915: Screw plugs with collar and outer hexagon, cylindrical thread
CSN 21938: Screw plugs with collar and hexagon socket, cylindrical thread
CSN 21940: Turnbuckles, forged (open form)
CSN 22107: Clevis pins without head
CSN 22111: Clevis pins with head
CSN 22150: Dowel Pins
CSN 22151: Parallel Pins with Internal Thread
CSN 22152: Dowel Pins
CSN 22153: Taper Pins
CSN 22154: Taper pins with external thread
CSN 22155: Taper pins with internal thread
CSN 22156: Spring-Type Straight Pins (Roll Pins) – Heavy Type
CSN 22162: Spiral-span pins, rule execution
CSN 22163: Spiral dowel pins, heavy duty
CSN 22170: Grooved Pins, Full Length Taper-grooved
CSN 22171: Parallel Grooved Pins
CSN 22173: Cylindrical grooved pins
CSN 22174: Grooved pins full length parallel
CSN 22175: Grooved Pins, Third Length Centre-grooved
CSN 22190: Round Head Grooved Pins
CSN 22191: Countersunk Head Grooved Pins
CSN 22301: Round Head Rivets
CSN 22311: Countersunk Head Rivets
CSN 22380: Tubular rivets
CSN 22391: Break mandrel blind rivets
CSN 22514: Taper keys gip head
CSN 22562: Parallel keys high type
CSN 22924: Snap rings
CSN 22929: Retaining washers for shafts
CSN 22930: Retaining rings for shafts
CSN 22931: Retaining rings for bores
CSN 23630: Lock-nuts

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